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Plant-based Production of Biopharmaceutical Proteins

Plant-derived recombinant proteins are characterized as eukaryotic proteins with high level of post translational modification and low production cost. Our laboratoryuses this system for biopharmaceutical protein production.One of our projects is concentrated in Rab7 protein production. Since Thailand is the world leaders of farm-based shrimp production and exportation, devastation in shrimp aquaculture by viral infeaction can cause a major impact on Thailand economic. One of the major infection infection is White spot syndrome virus. The recombinant Rab7 proteins could enhance the protection of shrimp against WSSV. Therefore, production of recombinant PmRab7 in plant may provide a feasible mean of shrimp vaccine since it could provide WSSV protective affect while could be used as one of ingredients in shrimp’s feed.

Plant Molecular Genetic of Cassava

Sustainable agricultural development and bioenergy resources in Thailand focus on crop managements especially for cassava and sugar cane. Cassava (Manihotesculenta Crantz) has been used for export, industrial applications such as modified starch and starch derivatives with high value-added, and also for ethanol production.Our projects concentrate on the genetic regulation of storage root initiation and starch accumulation in cassava.