AGRICULTURAL BIOTECHNOLOGY is important for the improvement of plant and animal health, to find new environmental friendly methods for pest control and eradication, to stimulate the production of healthy food and to provide legal protection to agro-industry. These efforts will also support human wellbeing in general and protect our environment for future generations, especially by solving problems related to difficult climate conditions, to low quality or contamination of soil and to control pests and diseases.

The research in this group is focused on four areas: resources utilization, crop biotechnology, crop protection and animal and aquaculture biotechnology. Unique natural resources of Thailand such as mushroom, endophytes and plant biodiversity are being searched for beneficial utilization.

The major areas in crop biotechnology are plant tissue culture, marker-assisted selection, genetic engineering and functional genomics, which are recently applied to several crops such as rice, cassava, rubber, ornamental and medicinal plants.

In addition, modeling and simulation of environmental effects on plant growth and development have been established. For plant protection, the knowledge needed to identify plant pathogens using molecular markers as well as gene technology-based entomology has recently expanded progressively. Shrimp biotechnology is a main issue to assist farmers in shrimp cultivation, viral diagnostics and breeding programs.

Group Members :
Assoc.Prof. Jarunya

  BT 209
Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
- Functional genomics study in cassava to improve starch quality and quantity for industrial applications
- Biochemical and molecular genetics related to latex yield and stress response of rubber tree
- Epigenetics control: Implications for plant improvement

Assoc.Prof. Kanyaratt Supaibulwattana

  BT 103
Plant Physiology and Agri-Biotechnology
- Genotypic and phenotypic responses of plant under environmental stresses
Mutation-based study on plant phenotypic and genotypic expressions
Plant tissue culture for quantity and quality improvement of crop plants

Asst.Prof. Punchapat Sojikul

  BT 206
Plant molecular biology
- Plant-based Vaccine Development
- Plant Molecular Genetics
- Plant Biotechnology

Assoc.Prof. Siripong Thitamadee

  K 438
- Testing for bacterial or viral pathogens as causative agents of Acute Hepatopancreatic Degeneration Syndrome (AHDS), a newly emerging shrimp disease, in Thailand
- Study of double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) translocation into circulatory system of the pacific white shrimp by oral feeding

Dr. Napassorn Punyasuk

  BT 203

- Physiology and molecular biology of plant under environmental stresses
- Plant metal homeostasis
- Hydroponics technology