Graduate Programs

  Master Degree  
Master of Science in Biotechnology (International program)
  Doctoral Degree
Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology (International program)
Double Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology - Horticulture (Mahidol University and Chiba University, Japan)

Vision: Biotechnology program with International standard and recognition

Mission: To generate high quality graduates, researches and services to support the country’s and international demand, sustainable economic growth and environmentally sustainable policies

Core values: True success is not in the learning, but in its application to the benefit of mankind

Program educational objectives (PEOs)

PEO1 Graduates are equipped with skills and knowledge for biotechnology related industries, either for research and development or bioproduction process. These include microbial biotechnology, fermentation, food industry, molecular genetics, plant technology and animal cell technology.

PEO2 Graduates are aware of their responsibilities in their education, bring creativity and passion to learning, and have self-motivation to improve knowledge, skills, and ethical thinking in the areas related to biotechnology

Program’s expected learning outcomes (ELOs) consists of ELO1-7 as follows:

Graduates are able to

ELO1 Describe the basic and advanced concepts and theories related to the field of biotechnology
ELO2 Discuss the scientific information and illustrate the knowledge contributed to the research community
ELO3 Individually and collaboratively take responsibility for the assigned tasks
ELO4 Transfer their theoretical knowledge and skills in Biotechnology to practical experiments according to the international standard procedures
ELO5 Interpret the experimental data with updated scientific research findings
ELO6 Integrate and formulate the key findings in the Biotechnological research and publicize knowledge from their research based on professional ethics
ELO7 Critically create and organize their experimental research and contributed their novel discoveries in the field of Biotechnology independently

Note: ELO1-5 for B.Sc. graduates / ELO1-6 for M.Sc. graduates / ELO1-7 for Ph.D. graduates