INDUSTRIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOPROCESS ENGINEERING provide the bridge between the research laboratory and the economic, large-scale implementation of fermentation biotechnology and food production systems. In this field, the frontiers of biological and engineering sciences are brought in interaction for the conversion of biological materials into more useful compounds for economy and health care.

Research topics are: microbial polyunsaturated fatty acids, recombinant yeast and lactic acid bacteria cultivation, degumming of silk, nano-sensors, waste treatment, modified starch and food hydrocolloids. All projects are carried out at the international competitive level and have a strong industrial involvement. This is an ideal field for those seeking a career with one foot in the university, the other in industry.

Group Members :
Assoc.Prof. Manop Suphantharika

  BT 204
- Application of starch and hydrocolloids in food products
- Spray drying and fluidized bed agglomeration of biomaterials.

Assoc.Prof. Jirarut Wongkongkatep

Chemi Nano Biotech
- Chemical modification of bacterial cells and their uses in emulsion system
- Detection of bacterial cells using chemical fluorescent sensor

Asst.Prof. Somchai Chauvatcharin

  BT 208
- Production of probiotics & starter cultures
- Neutraceuticals & biologics production
- Bioethanol

Assoc.Prof. Thunyarat Pongtharangkul

- Bacterial whole-cell biocatalysts for production of valuable bio-based chemicals (e.g. vanillin, epoxide)
- Organic solvent-tolerant bacteria and their applications in biocatalysis & bioremediation
- Fermentation technology

Asst.Prof. Pramvadee Wongsaengchatra

Center for Excellence in Protein and Enzyme Technology
Cloning, characterization and applications of microbial proteases for silk degumming process

Dr. Panwajee Payongsri

  BT 210
- Protein engineering with a full understanding of the various stages involved in the development and manufacture of bioproducts
- Engineering biocatalyst for better performance
- Bioprocess planning and evaluation

Asst.Prof. Natthiporn Aramrueang

  BT 207
- Anaerobic digestion technology for production of bioenergy and biochemical compounds.
- Conversion and fermentation of food and agricultural by-products into value-added products
- Bioresource utilization, waste management, and wastewater treatment for industry and aquaculture
- Pretreatment of biomass for improving bioconversion process
- Reactor design, biofilm enhancement, and microbial consortia improvement
- Economic feasibility analysis and process optimization for biorefinery process

Asst.Prof. Thawatchai Chaijarasphong

  K 437
- Development of CRISPR-Cas based shrimp disease detection methods
- Application of techniques in molecular biology to engineer shrimp's pathogen resistance and develop disease detection platforms
- Protein engineering for improvement of physical properties of shrimp therapeutic proteins

Dr. Thantawat Theeranan

- Protein purification
- Bioprocess chromatography
- Bioseparations and downstream processing