FOOD BIOTECHNOLOGY comprises four main areas of research:

Food Microbiology
The research focuses on the role of lactic acid bacteria in food fermentation and in starter culture development for soy sauces, sour sauces, fish sauce and the traditional products pla-ra and nham. 
In addition, attention is given to food safety issues of Bacillus cereus and isolation of probiotics strains for animal feed.

Food Chemistry
As the pioneer of flavor chemistry in
Thailand, this research has a strong and exclusive fundament in Thai traditional products. Food chemistry also investigates chemical changes in food systems, shelf life, chemical food safety and bioactive compounds in food.

Functional Food and Food Hygiene
The theme functional food and hygiene includes the incorporation of beneficial substances such as dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals in functional foods.  Also the strengthening of food sanitation programs in the food industry and quality systems in OTOP food production get considerable attention.

Bacterial Biopolymers
Production and applications of “bacterial biopolymers” in food packaging & biomedicine.

Group Members :
Assoc.Prof. Sittiwat Lertsiri

  BT 101
Food Chemistry
- Flavor improvement in fermented food
- Deterioration and shelf life prediction in fermented food Chemical safety in food

Assoc.Prof. Nuttawee Niamsiri

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  BT 102
- Production of polyhydroxyakanoates (PHAs)
- Applications of PHAs in drug delivery & tissue engineering
- Biopolymer-based antimicrobial food packaging

Asst.Prof. Angkana Wipatanawin

  BT 210
- Applications of microorganism, enzyme and cell culture for food biotechnology
- Bioactive compounds screening using in vitro models

Dr. Teerarat Likitwattanasade

  BT 115